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Outsourcing Best Resources For India

At Profit by Outsourcing Most of Our Business comes from Volume Clients/Partners these are Primarily Web Design and Web Development Companies based in North America, Europe, & Australia and we have more than 50 such relationships across the Globe. Each project is taken up as an important web development assignment and each client is given top priority. Be it a multinational or a private customer, Quality is the key without compromising on costs and in this process we strive to create value to businesses. If you are looking for a Website Development Company, you have landed at the right place.
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Web Design and Web Development

Web Design and Web Development portfolio boasts of several well known brands and companies. Development Kanpur invites you to look at our case studies section to understand what value we bring to the table and projects we have executed for clients across the India and world. These organizations have chosen Full stop for our unique mix of industry standard best practices, quality, and cost efficiency. Our Web Design and Development Center in Kanpur has an extensive team of qualified professionals and our project management and sales locations in Delhi helps in close interaction with clients.

PHP as Personal Home Pages

Hypertext Pre-processor "PHP" was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. Rasmus Lerdorf is called PHP as Personal Home Pages it also called general-purpose scripting language is use for basically Development of dynamic website pages.
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Web Development Kanpur

Development Company Kanpur offers good Website Design and Development Services from Kanpur, our services span from Development of your corporate identity to Web Development Services for both offline & online media.Development Kanpur excels in custom website solutions, web programming, web application development using Web 2.0, e-Commerce Design and Development etc.across various industry verticals including but not limited to publishing, travel, real estate, television, entertainment, education etc.Profit by Outsourcing is an Offshore Web Design Services and Web Development Company Specializing in PHP Programming, ASP.Net Programming, and HTML. Web 2.0 Designing developed in xhtml / css as per the w3c guidelines and Rich Internet Applications are applications built using Adobe Flash Flex AIR Action Script, Adobe Flex

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Web Development Services

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    As you know Web development are today a broad term for using for making a website or Developing a web pages. this included Website design, content development,web server and network security and configuration and also development of E-Commerce and also static and dynamic web pages.The process of designing and creating HTML, Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, Banner ad, meta tags and search submission, is know as Web Development.there are several more function are working together E- Commerce shopping Cards, Yahoo! shopping and more other online business and customer account and flash technology.

    Now we can suggest some coding system are use in website and also server development

    1. Ajax Asynchronous JavaScript : this is new technique for using JavaScript
    2. Flash Adobe Flash Player: it is use in flash player development.
    3. ECMA Script: it is also call general JavaScript and use in creating rich web development and web application development.
    4. Microsoft Silver light: It is a advancement of technology and most of time use in Animation, Vector Graphics, ..NET programming languages, VB and also in Java.it is a binary coding technique.

    some Important server side coding

    1.ASP technology
    2.CSP Server-Side and ANSI C
    3.Cold Fusion, formerly Macro media and formerly Allaire
    4.CGI and/or Perl (open source)
    5.Groovy and Grails
    6.Java, e.g. Java EE or Web Objects
    7.Lotus Domino
    8.PHP (open source)
    11.seaside, AIDA/Web
    12.SSJS Server and Side JavaScript
    13.Web sphere
    15.REAL Studio Web Edition